To create is to produce.

To create is to create

Each of us can understand this in our own way and decide on a concept that will allow him to create. 

Photography in this sense is a thing in itself, a model of life if you will. Photography is an art, and it, like art in general, is not something meaningless, dissolving into emptiness. It is a force designed to serve the development of the human soul. However, if art departs from this goal, there is a void, and nothing can replace it. 

Therefore, the artist must, first of all, educate himself, must learn to dig deep, must educate and develop his soul. You have to have something to say to this world through your art in order to attract the viewer to the content through the form. 

The artist is not looking for his theme — it ripens inside him like a fruit. And when the fruit is ripe, it literally demands expression. No wonder they say that creativity is like childbirth. So the artist can’t help but create, for him it is the only possible form of existence. 

Art, together with philosophy and religion, forms for itself the concept of the ideal. Just as the sky and clouds are reflected in the water, the reality is reflected in the image. It’s like looking at the world, through a dim glass, the existence of which can only be guessed. From the point of view of the artistic image, this idea is incredibly deep. A person is a part of the ideal, and when he feels it, it is given to him to express it. 

Art and life have the same cause, purpose, and source. We all strive for some goal, some ideal. What is really important is the process of striving, the movement. 

There is nothing natural, no laws that cannot be broken. It is important to think about why we do this in the first place, about what we want to say with our photo. Because photography is just a tool that we use to bring our ideas to the world.

In my opinion, the most important thing in art is the ability to speak to the audience in your own language, without fear of misinterpretation. Understanding is always a process. It is always a movement in the sense of development. This means that the viewer must rise to the level of a work of art, and it cannot be otherwise.