5 tips for creating spectacular photos

Why are not all photographs equally attractive to the viewer? How to make a photo have value and appeal? In this article, I want to highlight the main points that you should pay attention to when shooting. 

 1. Create a beautiful drawing. 

The photographer paints with light. Try to pay attention to how the sun is shining on your subject. Make sure that the sun shines on the side of the model, as when bright light hits the face, the model will squint. If you do not want sharp changes in light and shadow in your photo, do not shoot in the bright sun. Move to the shadow or where the light will be diffused. For example, near a window.

2. Create volume in the photo. 

Flat pictures do not attract attention. The picture should be such that one would like to see it. For this, professionals use diversity. You can use bushes, branches, arches as a foreground. The subject is placed in the middle ground. In the background, the horizon line or blurred background, distant from the middle ground, should be visible. The background is often in a haze. Lines extending into the distance help to emphasize the volume in the photo. These can be roads, rails, coastlines, trees.

3. If there are living objects in the photo, they will be the first to catch the viewer’s eye. 

Therefore, pay attention to the actions of the person in the photo, his hands, and his eyes. Some emotion should be read on the face. Only this will cause a response to the photo. It is best to keep the model busy. For example, a person in a familiar working environment feels comfortable and looks natural and comfortable in a photograph.

4. The photo should be logical and harmonious. 

The viewer should not have any questions about what this person or this object is doing here. It is good if all the objects in the photo interact with each other and form a plot or story. It is even better when harmonious colors are used in the frame. If there is an object in the picture that stands out from a number of others, it will draw all the viewer’s attention to itself. This technique can also be used to attract attention.

5. For the viewer, shots are very attractive, which are destroyed by his stereotypes, that is, the usual perception of the world. 

Thus, the use of unusual angles often allows us to take a fresh look at things we are used to. Sometimes it is enough to change the color of a thing and it takes on a different meaning. For example, what do you say when you see a red banana? Or a dog with two tails?

Do not be afraid to fantasize and realize your creative ideas. Maybe one of them will hit the mark and you will discover a new artistic direction in photography!