Brain as a generator of ideas

Brain as a generator of ideas

The head of creative people is constantly in the process of generating ideas. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not, especially when the brain begins to be too zealous, and this turns into an obsessive idea. The smallest detail can get stuck in your head and embed a whole visual series from it.

You’ve probably come across this when walking down the street and heard a conversation between people. You have literally heard part of this conversation, without any details, but the brain immediately begins to complete the missing details, and now, in your head, you already see the whole situation. You just give a reason, and the brain immediately begins to create content.

Based on the foregoing, I am inclined to think that the brain is the generator of ideas, not me. He collects information at the subconscious level and synthesizes it into an idea that I already see in my head. Simply put, everything that you have seen, heard or felt, is deposited in your subconscious, ripens like a fruit, and at a certain point, an idea is born. That is, for the brain to generate ideas, they need material, and our job is to give him that. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, with good music, communicating with creative people, and so on.

The main thing is to give yourself time, not to rush things, to give the idea to mature. If the project does not go, switch to something else, enable the brain to work in the background. But when the time comes, do not be slow, otherwise it, like any other fruit, will overripe and disappear.