My work encapsulates an ephemeral narrative, a non-existent storyline that lives only for a moment. These images show the collapse of the narrative because there is no definite storyline with a beginning and an end; instead, these images create a loop. 

This fleeting moment lives in a constant unchanging state. Because of the change of perspective, the images become more ambiguous, and the viewer can no longer relate a definite storyline to the image. In terms of visual representation, I strive to create calm images with a sense of rigor and order. 

I work intentionally rarely show a face, as I want the viewer to imagine that there could be anyone behind the image in the painting. Different viewers will perceive I work differently, and this is what I find most interesting and exciting about photography. 


Work process:

My images may seem very simple, but in fact, they take up to several months of planning and preparation before the world sees them. First, I research and think about the project I want to create. Then I sketch out my ideas on how the image will translate from my vision into reality. Before photographing, I look for a location, pick out clothing, props, etc.  

If I have to manipulate something, I shoot all the details on location so I can later combine them digitally. Post-production plays an important role in giving my work a more surreal atmosphere. It can take anywhere from days to weeks to create a single image. 

I want the viewer to feel that they are part of the scene. Light, scale, and perspective are key to a realistic combination of images. I always make sure I have complete control over the result. Idea, photography, and post-production are all connected. The final image doesn’t get better than the photos used, just as the photos don’t get stronger than the ideas. 


I am a photographer and retoucher. 

This allows me to create the most incredible stories. Understanding every step of post-processing gives me full control over the entire process to ensure the highest quality results. 

I am open to collaborations all over the world, if you are interested in collaboration contact me directly.

Selected Interviews:

First interview (2017)

Project Raw (2018)

• Odisea Cultural (2018)

Russian Photo (2019)

• Arte Madness (2020)

• Graine de Photographe (2021)

• 1x — Magazine (2021)

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