Artist’s statement  

I is a artist who specializes in conceptual imagery and also photo manipulations.ㅤ

Most of the art today and photography in particular, is increasingly immersed into lust, alienation and squalor. I think that this is enough in everyday life, art should bring people beauty and harmony, not ugliness.

My work is inextricably linked to how I see the world, how I see myself in him. I feel the need to reach out for its soul, its depth, and its underlying beauty. Taking pictures is my way see the ideal in the ordinary.

Using color and surrealism, I create a world that is inaccessible, who goes beyond of everyday experience, there is something immaterial in it. It is not intellectual concept; but rather intuitive, emotional. I’m working to create something beautiful as I understand it.


Work process

I am meticulous in my craft. I want the viewer to feel that he is part of the scene. Light, scale and perspective are the key parts in a realistic combination of images. Understanding both photography and post-production is very important to make everything happen well. 

I always do everything by myself to fully control the end result. Idea, photography and post-production are connected. The final image doesn’t get any better than the photos used to capture it. Just like photos don’t get stronger than ideas.   


I am both a photographer and a retoucher.

It allows me to create the most incredible stories.Understanding each step of post processing gives me complete control over the entire process to ensure the highest quality images'. I am open to cooperation all over the world if you are interested in cooperation feel free to contact.

Selected Press & Interviews

My first interview (2017)

Project Raw (2018)

• Odisea Cultural (2018)

Russian Photo (2019)

• Arte Madness (2020)

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